Micro Firewall Appliance, Mini PC, OPNsense, Untangle, VPN, Router PC, Intel N5105, HUNSN RJ03, AES-NI, 4 x Intel 2.5GbE I226-V LAN, Type-C, TF, M.2 WiFi 6 Slot, 16G RAM, 128G SSD


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  • Compact aluminum, 12v3a power supply, with power cord, all use a big brand memory and ssd/hdd with quality assurance, ready to run straight out of the box
  • RJ03 designed with power on/off, clr cmos, 2 x usb3.0, type-c for display/usb, tf, 2 x usb2.0, hdmi, dp, 4 x lan, dc_in, size at 178 x 126 x 55mm
  • HUNSN RJ03 equipped with intel celeron 4 cores n5105 processor, compatible with many freebsd based router systems, linux distros, or win.os supported, easy configuration and management, support intel aes new instructions
  • Compatibility, firewalls tested with pfsense plus, opnsense and other popular open-source software solutions, supports UEFI only
  • Quiet, fanless design silent 100%, 0.00db noise makes an ideal deployment in small offices

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Model Number: HUNSN RS34g
Chassis: Full aluminum
CPU: Intel Celeron Processor J4125 (4M Cache, up to 2.70 GHz)
AES-NI Supported: Yes
Memory: 2 x sodimm ddr4 2400 MT/s, max. 16gb
Storage: 1 x mSata SSD and 1 x 2.5 inch SSD/HDD
Network Card: Intel pci-e 4 x 2.5GbE I225-V b3
I/O Interface: Power ON/OFF, HDMI, 2 X USB3.0, VGA, RST, 4 X LAN, DC-IN
Expansion: With sim slot, WiFi / 4g optional (contact HUNSN to customize)
Power: Dc100-240v ac/50-60hz, 12v/3a
Operating Temperature: 0°c~70°c centigrade (32°f~140°f)
Storage Temperature: -20°c~80°c centigrade (-68°f~176°f)
Relative Humidity: 10%~90% (non-condensing)
TDP: 10w
Cooling system: Fanless
Size: 126 x 134 x 40.6mm
Weight: 1.2kgs
Packing List: HUNSN RS34g firewall appliance, power supply, power cord, warranty card
Function: Supports hardware auto power on (enabled default), network wake-up, system power management, temperature management
System Compatibility: 5.10.x and above core-based freebsd router systems, linux distros, or win.os supported.
Compatibility: firewalls tested with pfsense, untangle, opnsense and other popular open-source software solutions
4-12 LAN/WAN Ports, Different CPU, Nano Type, Mini Type, 1U/2U Rackable, 9-15 inch rackable, all are available in our shop,
Bookmark HUNSN store, for customization needs and other needs, we shall be glad to supply,
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  1. 03

    by Andrew

    First off, great bios! Overclocking, voltage, power stage options available; will use for undervolting for sure! Very surprised and delighted to see this.The bad: The CPU (i7 1165G7) was HOT. I removed the board (very easy; 4 screws) and the aluminum heatsink has a copper slug screwed onto the backside for contact with the CPU. Unfortunately there were two oversights:1: The thermal paste between the copper and aluminum was minimal. I cleaned it off and re-applied my own thermal paste.2: The BIG ISSUE was the CPU didnt TOUCH the copper heatsink. There was a huge gap with a giant ball of thermal paste which meant almost instant thermal throttling. I used some .5mm copper shims and that fit perfect. Temps are still high; idling into the 50’s but a lot better than before. I plan to do some undervolting and power limiting and hopefully temps will be manageable.Overall it loses 1 star as the fix was easy and took about 10 minutes.

  2. 03

    by Jon

    Apparently there are two models of this same device one with a dingle DIMM slot and a newer one with a dual DIMM slot. I received the 2 slot unit. The RAM specs don’t say that we need 1GB packages on the module, but the seller warned me of this as I bought a barebones unit and they reached out to me before it shipped. Apparently it won’t post with some 512MB package DIMMS. However, I ordered A-Tech 16G (2x8GB kit) which advertises it ships with 1Rx8 and 2Rx8, so I took the gamble as I couldn’t find anything else that ships quick and was cheap without looking too shady. Well, it posted fine and pfSense recognized the 16GB of RAM and the i225V NICs without any drama.I will say that speed tests show around 690Mbps at 15% CPU at peak through this unit with my provider. I don’t use IDS/IPS, but I am running 4 additional Vlans, maybe two dozen firewall rules, pfBlocker, and a few other tiny packages. It idles at 2% CPU with 5% RAM used. I am using a Motorola modem with a 2.5Gbps NIC, a Unifi 2.5Gbps switch and a desktop with a 2.5Gbps adapter.This could just be my provider Cox Cable (Docsis 3.1). If I plug the computer directly into the modem I hit 940Mbps. This could be me needing to tweak my configuration, but I am not willing to shell out $930 for a Netgate 6100 to find out.I have a Dell Precision with an Intel i350-t4 adapter that I tested pfsense bare metal and had similar results with this line.All in all, I am happy as this was very cheap and uses very little power.

  3. 03

    by Brian

    Received the first unit, had some issues installing an OS on the system. Crashed during boot, crashed during install, never would complete install. During troubleshooting it was found that the RAM was bad. Reseating the RAM didn’t help, unit was received DOA.Contacted support, performed some verification troubleshooting with them (Time zone differences were a bit of a pain, but not unexpected) and received a shipping label to return the dead unit and a new one expedited to me.New unit arrived, tested out and has been working perfectly for over 24 hours. Solid, well built and a nice compact form factor make it an easy choice should I need another one.

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