Cat 7 Flat Ethernet Cable 50ft White, High Speed 10GB Shielded (STP) LAN Internet Network Cable-XINCA Ethernet Patch Computer Cable with Rj45 Connectors and 25pcs Adhesive Cable Clips


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  • ★ 90 Days WARRANTY: 90 Days Warranty. We have confidence in our products, so don’t hesitate to e-mail us for 24x7days customer service. Thank you!
  • ★ RANGE OF APPLICATION – Cat7 flat ethernet cable perfect for the home server, Xbox, PS4, HDTV, RoKu, and switch.Cat7 Ethernet cables are compatible with Cat5, Cat5e Cat6, and Cat6A Ethernet cables.
  • ★ HIGH SPEED – Cat7 Ethernet cables support to 1000MHz and transmit speeds of up to 10Gbps, connect to LAN/WAN segments and networking gear at maximum speeds.
  • ★ FLEXIBILITY – Flat Ethernet cables transmit flexibly under the carpet or on the smooth flat. With the cable clip to stick the Ethernet cable to the wall, which will protect the wall from being damaged.
  • ★ SHIELDED TWISTED PAIR (STP) COPPER WIRES WITH TWO RJ45 CONNECTORS ON EACH END – Shielded wires are protected with 50 Micron gold plated contact pins which provide better protection from crosstalk, noise, and interference.

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Cat 7 Flat Ethernet Cable
Cat 7 Flat Ethernet Cable

Notebook computer

The router

The computer

The Mobile Network

Connect to mobile devices, surf the internet anywhere. Plug and play, without installed separately.

The wireless network

Connect to the router, connect multiple devices simultaneously. Different lengths can be connected to any location.

Fixed network

Connect fixed network, equipment to establish a secure exclusive network. Gold-plated plug anti-oxidation, extended service life.

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copper cable

Flat design

Cable clip


The pure copper cable core

Our product uses 100% pure copper as its conductor and transmit at the frequency of 600 MHz. Combined with Shielded Twisted Pair, to provide high-speed transmission while protecting the stability of the signal.

Flat design

With thickness ups to 0.1in the ultra flat Ethernet cable, which protects your cable from being abraded and curved. With the presented cable clips, will not only improves the outlook of your home or office but protects the wall.

Cable clips

Dust the clean surface before use and press the clamp for 5-7 seconds. In order to make the best effect of the cable clip, it’s recommended to hang the cable after 24 hours.


XINCA cat7 ethernet cable belongs to the cable type, so please store the cable away from the baby and child, in order to avoid enwinding their neck, which will lead to strangle.

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